Monday, December 26, 2011

man~child monday *23 weeks 5 days*

I kind of feel bad that I always have to look back on my blog to determine how far along I am. with my other pregnancies I could have told you immediately upon being asked-- to the day; this time I just give out ballpark estimations...or even better just say when I'm due.
"how far along are you?"
"I'm due in April!" and a big smile here to divert from the question really being asked.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
I couldn't stop thinking the whole time that next Christmas we will have 4 little ones, and that this baby we are eagerly waiting to meet will be 8 months old. it trips me out. 8 month babies are legit. they're doing real people things.
I wonder if he'll be crawling or saying words or if he'll be afraid of Santa. I kept asking Babe: "what should we get the baby next year?" or "what do you think the baby will be into next year?"

but I guess we still have a little time to figure those things out.

I feel like with Christmas passing, the rest of this pregnancy is going to fly. I live in constant anticipation of upcoming events so my mental calendar is looking a little something like this: new years then a night away for my man and me (our first EVER since having kids) then Mais's birthday then St. Patrick's Day then Easter day!

we are so beyond excited!!!

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What can we stitch for the little prince?