Tuesday, January 3, 2012

man~child monday *24 weeks 5 days*

(sorry. I realize now that it's tuesday. my days are all screwed up.)

one of my more vivid childhood memories is my mom lying on our orange and yellow couch in our house on Ashland and me with my hand on her belly feeling my brother move.
I don't think I totally got it...even now it's a miracle beyond comprehension...and I don't know if Birdie "gets" it yet either, but the excitement in her eyes when she told me she felt her little brother kick today was beyond.
she is at the perfect age and will talk to her brother, coaxing him in the same loving way she speaks to her sisters.
each of the girls seems to understand in her own way that our lives are preparing to change in the most exciting way possible. a new baby.

Eenie blows raspberries on my belly and kisses it.

Mae Mae already calls her baby brother by his name,

and Birdie waits...patiently...for him to make a move:

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Oh, a new year, a new life.

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