Sunday, January 8, 2012

man~child monday *25 weeks 5 days*

so finally--after lots of prodding and threats--my Babe thang came up with acceptable song lyrics for our baby boy's blanket.

I was dead set on using 'In Your Time' by Bob Seger but the man wanted control on this one.

in my post found here, I talked about the songs I chose for each of the girls. I felt like I should just keep on doin' the pickin', but I guess these boys've gotta stick together or something, so I let my man do his thing.

and for his boy...our first son...Babe chose: 'Breathe' by Pink Floyd.

for some reason, I was hesitant at first but I really love the lyrics that we settled on.

the boy's blanket will read:

James Joseph IV, our beloved son,

breathe in the air; don't be afraid to care,

look around and choose your own ground,

long you live and high you fly. -IOHFE-

the IOHFE comes from the Tiffany's heart charm bracelet that Mother surprised me with in high school. it remains one of my most precious and very very favorite pieces of jewelry. she had it inscribed with my name on on side and IOHFE on the other. it means: in our hearts for eternity.


making the blanket even more special is that the style is called "Hazel's Pride & Joy". Hazel is my grandmother's name and each and every day I think about and hope and pray that when my grandparents' are all watching down on me and the family I'm creating they're feeling pride and joy.
I love them and miss them so soooooo much.

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Congrats to JJ the fourth♥