Monday, January 16, 2012

man~child monday *26 weeks 5 days*

today at the doctor, I got a little bit of distressing news:

I've gained too much weight.

since my last appointment, I've put on 10 pounds. when I saw the nurse stop at 136 pounds, I knew the scale had to be off. it wasn't. I've gained nearly 40 pounds in just a little over 26 weeks.

so I was told to gain no more than 10 pounds for the remainder of my pregnancy, to start working out, and to watch what I'm eating.


tips, anyone? I'm gonna need some serious help here...


tazar said...

eat more meat

whatever said...

Your baby will be a big strong healthy boy, and I would love to be at 136!

Carrie said...

Mo I think they are crazy, it won't hurt anyone if you keep being normal. Big babies are the best and they are happier! Hang in there and congrats :)