Monday, February 6, 2012

man~child monday *29 weeks 5 days*

I have been reading everything I can find on gender differences in order to prepare myself for this little boy.

I'm not a complete dumb ass, I'm aware of the very obvious differences between boys and girls, but I was surprised and sort of shaken by all of the new information I came across.

it's so weird, because my man over here keeps telling me that I can't "baby" the boy or coddle him in the same way I have our girls, but everything I've read leads me to believe that boys need this type of attention even more so than girls.

I remember hearing somewhere that boys are more fragile than girls at birth, but an article I came across entitled " Boys Live Dangerously in the Womb" has got me seriously stressing about the differences in boys and girls development while still on the inside.

now I'm worried that at almost 30 weeks, I've lost too much time not eating things I should've been (meat) and spent too much time eating things I shouldn't have been (the waffles with m&ms, syrup, and ice cream I just finished).

since the appointment I had when my dr told me I'm fat, I've really changed the way I've been eating. I've cut out the day time snacks. I've tried to load up on protein through nuts, lentils, beans.... I've been more conscientious of drinking my water, but I'm scared it's not enough.

I'm looking to have me one big, strong, healthy, quarterback-sized man~child, so I'm really going to be checking myself for these last few weeks.

huddle up:

we're gonna up the protein and dark greens,


we're gonna cut out the ice cream and waffle sandwiches,


we're maybe even gonna get in some exercise.

let's do this on 3.

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jenny said...

Hey Mo:) I have got two huge boys over here and DID not eat properly during either pregnancy. Do not stress too much... And I am also not allowed to coddle my babes, but agree they do need it and you will give it your man child when you see fit! Xoxo

Juan P