Thursday, February 2, 2012

VIPs and brain eating bugs

yesterday was VIP day at the Bird's school.

she chose me as her VIP.

I don't know why, but I was so surprised when she said she'd like to bring me.

I thought for sure she'd want her dad, or one of her aunts, or one of her grandparents.

it made me feel very important, indeed.

it was a great day.

and then today...

Birdie ran into my arms after school and told me the boys in her class told her that there are bugs in the class bathroom that will climb in your head and eat your brain if you're too loud.

and she believed them.

and she cried when I told her it wasn't real because she thought I didn't believe her.

when her dad got home, she told him and cried when he told her it wasn't real.

then she asked him to "ask his phone" if it was true and asked me to write down so that I wouldn't forget that I have to ask her teacher first thing tomorrow if it's true.

we finally calmed her down and explained that sometimes boys just act goofy and they try to scare girls and they're just joking.

and even though I think she understands, she did tell me that she thinks that if it is maybe true, the brain eating bugs look like flies with even blacker skin and big wings, tiny little teeth and really red eyes.

sleep tight ☺


whatever said...

My thought was the boys were saying, "your mummy is pretty" ♥

Becoming Supermommy said...

Tell her that there ARE brain eating bugs, but they only eat BOY brains because they're smaller and easier to digest. So she's fine. ;)