Tuesday, March 6, 2012

fridge benefits

I came across this magnetic board post over at From Mrs. to Mama and knew it would help me out with a little problem I've been having: a cluttered refrigerator door.

while I love displaying the girls' art work and pictures, I can NOT stand the look of an overcrowded fridge door. it's especially noticeable and overwhelming because of the size of our kitchen (see: tiny) and I just don't like it.

so I decided to create a "refrigerator" just for them. their own space to display as much of...anything they'd like.

I was able to get all of the materials at Wal~Mart for around $20.

I used:
1. an ATP oil drip pan (found in the automotive section) 2. hot glue gun 3. fabric (I used 2 prepackaged yards of a sheet like material found in the craft section) 4. magnets (I made ours using stickers and sticker magnets) 5. thin pieces of wood (also found in the craft section) to create the handles, that I wrapped in 6. silver ribbon (obviously, if you're not creating a fridge replica, the ribbon and wood pieces are unnecessary)

check out:From Mrs. to Mama, as she did a wonderful job of outlining the steps. I scrambled to complete ours during an iffy nap time, so I couldn't stop for pics during the process, but here is our finished product:

happy tuesday!!

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jimjoyce_11@hotmail.com said...

I surely hope she lets me hold her on saturday. so darn adorable