Monday, March 5, 2012

man~child monday *33 weeks 5 days*

I think that for my man, this little boy can't get here fast enough. it's not just that he's surrounded by all girls: emotional, hyper~sensitive, extremely girly girls; it's that he longs for the type of relationship that comes more naturally with boys.

he wants to wrestle and roughhouse with the girls, he wants to throw and pass and kick balls with them, he wants to watch sports with them. and they scream when he makes a move like he's going to "sacka" them, they cry when his ball games lead to destruction (i.e. the fairy that the Bird painted being knocked to the floor and shattering this morning), and they're more interested in sitting and reviewing all the princesses or sitting and coloring than sitting down to watch a game.

when we found out that this little one was a boy, I remember being surprised by how emotional Babe was. I asked, "Did you really want a boy that bad?" and he just looked at me and said: YES!!!

I know he adores each of the girls and truly enjoys spending time doing all the girly things with them, but I guess there is something about having "your boy" by your side that we girls just can't touch.

and the girls and I?

we are just fine with that ☺

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Bre said...

Awe!!! So cute!!!