Monday, March 12, 2012

man~child monday *34 weeks 5 days*

over the weekend we got to spend a little time with our beloved Chi and JJ.

the girls get so excited about seeing those two and this time was even more thrilling as we were joined by some of their friends...and a bit of a wake~up call.

Chi's friend Carrie was there with her two adorable little boys.
and while Eenie seemed to enjoy the company of their 2 year old, it was the baby who really worked my Een up in a way that's got me feeling a little nervous.

as of recent, Eenie has been very much attached to me.
she only wants momma.
she won't let anyone else hold her.
and now she won't let me hold anyone else.

when I asked to hold Carrie's babe, Eenie freaked out.
when Mais asked to hold him, Eenie seemed intrigued...

and she wanted in.
and then quickly decided she wanted out.

aside from being embarrassed by my baby's behavior, I started feeling anxious worrying about how she is going to react to her new brother.
when Mais was born, Birdie was nearly 2 and a half. she never acted jealous. she was very much into her sister. she was like a little momma.
when Eenie was born, Maisy was only 15 months. maybe she was too young to understand or maybe she was just feeling that baby vibe like her sister before, but I never remember Mae Mae acting out in any way.

now there's Eenie.

Carrie assured me that before the baby was born, her older son would become very jealous if she held another baby. but she said that once his brother was born it was like he "just knew" this was his bro, and he is amazing with his baby.

I feel deeply that the girls will all welcome their brother lovingly, but I know that it will be a big adjustment for everyone~especially young Eenie~and I reeeally hope that Carrie is right ♥

because: he. is. coming.

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Carrie said...

So excited and thankful I made the blog! Thanks :) And now I need a nickname, Carrie seems so plain compared to all of yours.