Monday, March 19, 2012

man~child monday *35 weeks 5 days*

the boy is gonna need some toys.
these are some of my faves for him right now.

I stumbled upon these little Funko plushies today and was immediately taken. they are too too cute for words. there are tons of different characters and they just melt my heart. you can find them here.

I actually came across these Huggy Buggys when the Bird was a baby and thought they were amazing. they are squishy and fuzzy and safe for all ages. the only thing is, they were (and I believe are still) reeeeally hard to find. I found them on the Totally Tots website and bought one of each car and two of the balls. the girls still play with the cars, and my man is constantly trying to get them to play catch with the balls.
hopefully the boy will be more obliging...

we were first introduced to these Automoblox cars at a birthday party for one of Birdie's friends. I remember telling Babe: when we have a little boy, I want to get these. I wrote the name down and have kept it ever since. the larger size cars are awesome and can be taken apart and put back together like this:
they are a little pricey, with the larger cars close to $40 a piece, but really seem worth it. Automoblox cars and suvs can be found all over; these pictures are from the Fat Brain Toys website.

this is the number 1 for me...for the boy. I can't get the picture of him with a slingshot hanging out of his back pocket out of my head, and these slingshots are exactly what I imagine. they come in a moose, a deer, a wolf, an eagle...lots of choices for boys and gals alike. snag one right here.

have fun!!!

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Bre said...

Try Rubbabu

And Go Car by Kid O Toys