Thursday, March 1, 2012

sick day part II

with Birdie home sick again today, I thought I'd give an outing another try.

despite our failed Wal~Mart excursion yesterday, I decided to set my sights even higher.

this time:

I had one specific item in mind: this $20 highchair.

I love the clean lines and simplicity about their pieces, and while I braced myself for the fact that it could be a disaster, in the end (despite one minor setback*) I'd call it a great success!

we played, we enjoyed lunch together, the girls were on excellent behavior, and I was able to gain inspiration for little projects I'd like to complete around the house.

we left with just the highchair, but we'll be back for more.

(hopefully before baby boy makes his entrance)

*I told the girls that if they were all good listeners they could play in the children's area we saw last time. it looked amazing~a huuuuuuge ball pit, tons of things to climb on, an area set up for coloring~and we were all really excited. however, when we finally made it to this area I was told that 1. no parents were allowed and 2. Eenie was not allowed as she is both too short and too un~potty trained. I didn't feel comfortable leaving the older girls and I didn't think it was fair to little bitty midget Eenie, so we passed. Birdie took it the worst, but got over it very quickly.

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